​Programme Maturity Modelling

Programme Maturity Modelling, for instance P3M3, allows the Programme to be assessed on whether the team are just aware of the processes through to whether the processes are being used and optimised extensively. We will help you determine where you are and define where the most effective improvements can be made to improve efficiency and delivery of a Programme.


This is done through the use of targeted questions selected by the client. The questionnaire is undertaken by Programme Team Members.​​​


​A findings report os then compiled where the graphical representation is provided with the associated Sweet Spot Score. A Report will be provided to the client identifying areas for improvement.


​An improvement strategy can then be formulated by defining the solutions required in order to bring about change. Estimated costs can then be associated to these improvements allowing the Client to make an informed decision on where to focus there efforts. Once these solutions have been agreed, Programme Services Partners will drive these improvements forward with the Client.


​After an agreed improvement period, the questionnaire can be run to establish whether the desired improvement has been achieved. A follow up report will be provided to the Client.

‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ’

Albert Einstein

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