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General statement

PSP Group are dedicated to a quality policy that will ensure that its project management consultancy services fully meet the requirements of its clients across the rail, power, transportation, infrastructure, and utilities sectors. In the pursuit of excellence, PSP seek to offer high satisfaction for all interested parties.

Aims and objectives

  • Establish

    • We continue to establish, implement and maintain Quality ISO 9001 within our IMS.

    • We actively encourage a culture of quality within our organisation and supply chain.

  • Comply

    • To ensure we comply to all company, legal, regulatory and industry requirements.

  • Identify

    • To identify the needs and requirements of our Clients.

    • To identify and developing opportunities that will add value for the Clients and our company.

    • To identify the potential for risks and errors and managing them effectively.

  • Service Provision

    • To provide highly professional and tailored services for our Clients.

    • To facilitate collaboration between our client, supplier, and staff to achieve quality in delivery.

  • Continual Improvement

    • Continual improvement and effectiveness is to be achieved through measurable target setting and assessment at our annual audits, QHSE meetings and Management Reviews.

  • Communication

    • This policy and quality objectives are made available to all interested parties.

Managers have the responsibility to ensure the communication of the policy, provide the necessary resources and ensure their team is working in a manner that upholds our standards, processes, and procedures.
Staff have the responsibility to read and follow the standards that have been set out in our policy.

Signed: Oliver Wade 



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